Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back in the U.S.A....

Hi everyone!
Well I haven't shared any pictures for a while because we were on a three week mission trip to Aruba and Venezuela!
It's going to take me a little while to weed through all my pictures, so please bear with me as I may be a little slow sharing them with you.
The trip was beyond amazing.   God really worked and blessed the whole three weeks we were abroad.   
While we were in Aruba (for one week) and Venezuela (the following two weeks), we held revival services at night in churches and in people's homes.   We saw over 70 people give their lives to Christ, which made it all worthwhile!
We also enjoyed a little sight-seeing and spent time with some sweet Christian friends (some old, some new).
It's amazing how God can knit our hearts together with people who live in different countries, and some of whom we can hardly communicate with because of a language barrier.   But we have a common bond in Christ, which makes our friendship so special, in spite of our cultural/language differences.

The trip went by so fast.  
I miss my friends overseas, but God willing, I will see them again sometime soon!
Until then, they remain in my prayers and sweet remembrances.

Come back soon to see pictures of the trip!

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