Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venezuela #1...Maracaibo

I hope you have been enjoying the mission trip pictures so far!
The second week of our trip, we took an itty bitty plane (with no air conditioning!) from Aruba to the nearby country of Venezuela. 
We flew into the city of Coro, where we stayed overnight, and then in the early hours of the morning (so early it's almost painful), we started on a taxi ride that would take us to the busy city of Maracaibo.
Our friend, Angel, who we met last time we were in Venezuela, accompanied us on the taxi ride so that we would have a Spanish speaking person with us.
The four hour ride in a small, cramped car, with a driver who didn't speak English could have made for a really long day...but a couple quick stops along the way made it a little better. :)

Angel and Aubrey took a football break.

Finally in Maracaibo...
We had the opportunity to hold special meetings in Pastor Tim's church, which was actually held in someone's garage area.
 The view from church...

 Our ministry team learned several Spanish songs.   Here we are, practicing music for the service...

 The Sunday morning service.   The garage was packed, and people were excited!   Here, Pastor Tim is welcoming everyone to the special meetings.
Proof that I was there. :)
My dad preaching, through interpreting, the first service in Venezuela.
 I don't think there are any ugly kids in Venezuela...
The puppy is pretty cute too. :)

 Children's meetings inside a church member's home. 

 Mrs. Laura, Pastor Tim's wife, teaching the kids a Bible verse.

 Aubrey found another string music lover.

Keep coming back for more!

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