Friday, March 30, 2012

The Glory Four Quartet

My brother just started up a quartet with some of his friends at Ambassador Baptist College.
I offered to do some pictures for them, and they agreed!
These guys are a blast...they were singing and cracking jokes the whole time I was taking pictures.
Meet the Glory Four...

My brother, Drew...


  1. Ok, so I LOVE the picture where only their ties are in color! It looks so AWESOME! Of course, you managed to get a feet picture! You really do love those don't you? My other fav. is the one where they are all spaced out by the barn with broken windows. Super cool! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Gina! Yes I really do love feet pictures...I'm not sure what's wrong with me. haha :p
      They were fun to take pictures of. I'm glad you like them!

  2. hi cute my friend. i love the location, really awesome and i feel that the individual ones of each of them really speak to their personalities.