Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 24 #3. Mood or Emotion (The Happy Shoot)

For those of you who have been following my blog, I have been (slowly) trying to do Florabella's Project 24.
I've made it to challenge #3: mood or emotion!
At first, I was thinking I wanted to do a moody/sad picture, but my mom and sister talked me out of it. :p
So I volunteered Aubrey to model for me, and we set out to take happy pictures instead!
Although, I think they could probably pass as "mortified" pictures...
Poor Aubrey.   I kept telling her to "look happy" and even made her jump for me.   Let's just say she wasn't exactly happy about it.
But she was a good sport.   For the most part...

This is the one I've decided to use for the challenge.
This was the happiest she got for my photo shoot.   I think she was glaring at me and rolling her eyes for the rest of them...

(Click on the pictures to view them more clearly.)

I kind of like it. :)   Here are some of the other pictures I took that day...

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate myself for posting these.   I was trying to get Aubrey to jump and she would not do it, because there were cars driving by.  So my mom said she would jump with her to get her to do it.   And then they made me jump too.
Gotta say, I understood Aubrey's humiliation after they made me do it...
I love how my mom managed to not get one picture of us actually in the air, but she was able to capture me in the most awkward positions.
Not sure if she did that on purpose or not.
Good thing I made those pictures smaller...

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