Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You are cordially invited to my tea party...

Last week, a group of ladies from church took us to a cute little restaurant for an afternoon tea, complete with scones, one of many selections of gourmet tea (with cream and sugar!  I felt so fancy.), tea sandwiches, and dessert.
It was so cute and girly inside.   They even had vintage hats for people to try on.   Like a grown up tea party!
I remember the tea parties my sister and I used to have with our best friend and my "changing colored dishes".  We never actually had tea, though.   It was usually just water, or occasionally our specialty...chocolate water. ;)

Good times...

These might not technically be "blog-worthy" pictures because it was dark inside so they are a little grainy for my taste.  But I hope you enjoy them just the same. :)


 My mom and sister trying on vintage hats...looking cute as usual.
Wasn't going to post this one because I kind of hate how I look in it...but here it is.   I'll delete it later, I'm sure. ;)

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